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Dedicated to the advancement of women in Science, Engineering, Trades, and Technology.

 Our programs serve to fill the gap for women looking to connect and network with like-minded individuals on their path to success and encourage young women to consider careers in SETT. 

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  • Connect with like-minded professional women in SETT
  • Gain insights on advancing your career
  • Celebrate extraordinary women in Sudbury
  • Encourage young women to pursue non-traditional careers in SETT
  • Get involved!

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The WISE Sudbury chapter inauguration occured on December 5th 1998. The following January, WISE Sudbury held its first job shadow and its inaugural meeting.  Dr. Monique Frize, NSERC/Nortel Joint Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in Ontario was the first guest speaker.  On February 11, 1999, the group developed the WISE Sudbury objectives and defined the group’s mandate.   The WISE logo was developed in the summer of that same year, and the first brochure came out in the fall.

Special thanks to Tiffany Dube-Ladyk, Samantha Espley, Helen Francis, Ann Gallie, Tina Gascon, Sara Gore, Lisa Lanteigne, Louise Laverdure, Wendi Mannerow, Nathalie Mihelchic, Pam Paradis-Sokoloski, and Heather White, the original WISE members for all their hard work and dedication.  Also special thanks to Christina Visser, the first President.